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Eat, learn & thrive in the new year with our signature group nutrition coaching & health education program. Our board certified holistic nutritionist, Holley Vincent, will guide you through a 30 day total wellness program. Our #EATTOTHRIVE2020 challenge includes:

  • 3 in-person group coaching sessions
  • 30 days of access to a board certified holistic nutritionist & wellness expert who specializes in helping clients overcome pain, stress, fatigue, anxiety, poor sleep & other chronic health complaints to feel their best in the bodies they were blessed with
  • Inclusion in an exclusive facebook group for support, accountability, recipes & live health education videos to demystify good nutrition & lifestyle practices
  • 4 yoga classes at C3CryoClub (0 experience necessary, all level classes to choose from every week)
  • Journals & Checklists to track healthy habits
  • Exclusive discounts on massages, herbs & supplements during the 30 day program
  • Opportunities to earn extra discounts & free swag

Our program begins with an email outlining the full program and nutrition requirements and an online questionnaire rating pain, fatigue, anxiety & stress levels as well as sleep & digestion quality. Checklists, journals, recipes and guidelines will be received and the program will be discussed in its entirety at our first in-person group coaching session on January 13th. Program compliant snacks will be served and you will leave feeling ready to tackle the next 30 days! Full program begins January 13th!

We will follow the Whole30 Diet, focusing on ample, real, delicious food. This program emphasizes whole food nutrition and allows unlimited vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, meats and fish. You are not required to purchase any supplements.

Active participation in our exclusive facebook group is heavily encouraged. We will share recipes, encouragement, support and accountability. Holley will provide weekly educational videos and postings about specific health topics & lifestyle habits proven to help you find the best version of yourself. Topics include - sleep & fatigue, gut health, blood sugar regulation & movement.

Our programs ends on February 12th with an email questionnaire rating pain, fatigue, anxiety & stress levels as well as sleep & digestion quality and before & after stats. There will be no weighing, measuring, calorie or macro counting during this program as we are 100% focused on how we feel.

Required in-person group coaching sessions are proven to increase compliance, accountability and improve outcomes. We will discuss our challenges, strategize how to minimize obstacles and celebrate our progress together. Clear your schedule and plan to join us in the office. Meetings should last approximately 1 hour and compliant snacks will be served.

Dates :

January 11th @ 10am

January 25th @ 10am

February 8th @ 10am

Participants who complete all elements of the program will earn a t-shirt, a year of discounts on massages, discounted one-on-one nutrition consulting for themselves and their family members for the rest of 2020 and improved well-being, better sleep, less pain, increased energy levels and the healthy bodies they deserve.

Cost: $60

Click here to register.